Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Version: 2.5
Last Update: 28 February 2012

- Convert it to fully support Silverlight 5
- Update the Text Chat Service to make it faster and more usability
- Fix stability issues in the main service
- Fix Webcam with Mic are required issue.

We Just Added the new WCS Pro Plus Package with the Control Panel officially on our Online Store:
WCS 2.5 Pro Plus Features: it has the all features of the WCS Pro With Rooms/Users Control Panel that's allow you to:

- Add/remove/manage rooms and roles permissions.

- Allow to grant a special permission for each user role to allow/disallow speaking,text chatting, webcam sharing, files uploading, whiteboard drawing, also to kick out or ban a user.

- Create private rooms you can do that by adding a new role then grant it to special users so only the granted users can see and join to that room.

- Manage all views Contents so all boxes "containers" visibility in the room can be managed by the system admin for each room role.

- Can Create a Room with requesting registered users/ without requesting registered users by using the Login is required checkbox so if you would like to invite a user to join to a room without need to enter his username and password just create a room and uncheck the Login is required checkbox then send him the invitation URL that will appear after you adding the room.
To Know how to get it please read this document:

You Can Test The New Updates Online in our Labs:

Note: The All Updates are available with the full source code on SocketCoder Support forums for our customers.

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