Sunday, December 9, 2012

The New WCS 3.0 is Now Available + A New Messenger Product WMS

WCS Pro/Pro Plus 3.0 + WMS:

Version: 3.0.0 (9/December/2012)

- Completely New UI:
- New Design for the Whiteboard and merge it with the Chatting Area.
- Marge the Drawing Service With the WCS Main Services.
- And Many More New Features.

Adding A New Product (WMS - Web Messenger System) for Free for WCS Pro Plus Customers:

WMS Main Features:
- Full Silverlight In and Out of Browser
- Multi Public/Private Rooms
- One to All Voice Broadcasting
- One to One Voice/Video Calling System
- One to One and One to All Text/Drawing Chatting System
- Unlimited Talkers on each room to unlimited listeners
- Video Quality Controller

To Test it Online On our labs Please Visit:

It's Also available for download in our support forum for our customers.


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  1. from the first look , this project is a great genius experiment for telecom and remote communications