Sunday, June 22, 2014

The WCS/WMS 3.1 is Now Available Officially

The WCS/WMS 3.1 is now available officially:

3.1.2: (5/July/2014) Update:
  - Improve the Performance of the WcsPacket Client/Server By Reducing the Packet Size
  - Services Performance Improvement by adding a new compression way to the data stream for (The Files Sharing, The Desktop Presenter and The Drawing Service)

3.1.1: (1/July/2014) Update:
- Fix Voice Playback issue with multi users

 3.1.0: (20/6/2014) Update:
 - Fixes Voice Quality Issue
 - Fixes Memory Leak Issue
 - A new Version for WCSPacket Client/Server
 - Use a higher speex version
 - Add Voice Quality Controller
 - Add Microphone Playback Tester Plugin
 - Fix Some Security Issues

 The New Update is for All SocketCoder WCS/WMS Products (Client and Server).

Online Demo:

To Download it (For Our Customers) Please use the same URL's and Passwords, to request it again please send us your official email address and the Order Number with your full name on our email address:

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