Thursday, August 21, 2014

The New WCS/WMS 4.0 is Now Available Officially

The New WCS/WMS 4.0 is Now Available Officially

4.0.0: (18/Aug/2014) Update:
- Totally New UI Design For the all Services WCS/WMS
- Totally Redesign the WCS/WMS Service Using WCF Duplex Services
- The Server redesigned to be hosted on both Windows Dedicated/Virtual Hosting Servers and Windows Azure Cloud Hosting on Azure Worker Roles
- 100% faster and less bandwidth require for the all services
- Fully combatable with MAC OSX +10 under Safari and Firefox
- More reliable and more secure
- Real-Time Collaborative Drawing Board For WCS Products(New Service)
- Add Meeting Recorder With Audio Tool to Record the meeting locally
- Many More New features

WCS Pro 4.0:

WCS Pro Plus 4.0:

WMS 4.0:
The New Update is for All SocketCoder WCS/WMS Products (Client and Server).

Online Demo:

To Download it (For Our Customers) Please use the same URL's and Passwords, to request it again please send us your official email address and the Order Number with your full name on our email address:

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